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Interactive Instructional Design

Learning shouldn't be boring and we believe in building training content/courses with a high level of engagement and interactivity. Our instructional design professionals can quickly and effectively assess your training needs building upon a variety of learning methodologies such as: ADDIE, Blooms Taxonomy, SAM, etc...

Whether it's a new custom course or updating out-dated material, we're happy to create the best learning content for e-Learning, Instructor-led, webinar, seminars and more. Utilizing some of the industries top development tools like Articulate Storyline, Lectora, and Adobe Captivate. Already have a development team but need new ideas? View our Services and select to access 'Design Toolkits'.

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Interactive Instructional Design

Engaging Web Design

Showcase your company or business with mobile ready website designs using HTML5, Joomla, Wordpress, or Drupal. Too much content on your website can overwhelm your site visitors and have them look elsewhere. Websites with sleek intutive layouts, eye-catching design, and dynamic functionality wins hands down.

Innteractivs will assess your needs, provide design solution options, and get started on making your vision a reality. If you want to try your hand at designing your own site, view our Services section and select 'Design Toolkits' to view templates to get started.

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Engaging Web Design

Innovative Systems Design

Learning Management Systems (LMS) - Learn Online 24/7 Job Skills, Softskills, & Technical Skills
Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) - Train Your Group Online With a Branded LMS Platform

Learn something new, access a 24/7 library of interactive online training courses from your cellphone, tablet, or laptop. Training a group or company? Use 'InnterGroup Training Platform' to host live and online training with a fully-branded look and feel to maximize efficency. Individuals and groups have access to a library of training courses, personal profiles, certificates, and badges to demonstrate your knowledge of most any subject matter.

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High-Impact Custom Designs

Great Relationships Produces Great Designs! Our motto says it all. We believe in creating the complete design experience for our clients. You receive a full needs consult, design solutions plan, design storyboards, SEO logistics, branding, layouts for websites, training platforms, LMS's, letterhead, business cards, email, publications and more. Consistency is key and we'll make sure your designs are flexible and usable for all your company, business, and/or group needs.

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Custom Design Toolkits

Jump Start Your Projects! Grab-N-Go design toolkits available for you DIY'ers.

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Multiple Grab-n-Go Designs Available

Designs for Training Courses, Websites/WordPress/Joomla, Facebook Pages, Youtube, Brochures, Flyers, Postcards, Email, and Events.

Professional Design Assistance

Get those creative juices flowing as we guide you through a simple and easy creative design process to achieve your ultimate design goals.

High-Impact Designs

Crisp, photo quality designs that show well on all your products online, printable documents, and novelty items such as t-shirts, pens, and more.

Clear & Clean Layouts

Content overload no more! Our clean and clear layouts are viewer friendly, organized, and help to spotlight high-priority elements within your design.


Did you draw a blank, need to discuss your design ideas, or out of ideas- but don't know where to start?
Let's talk! We'll listen to your ideas, share insight on how to achieve your desired design, provide you with a customized design plan, and move forward with the best solution to jump start your design into action.

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"Great Relationships Produces Great Designs" - Motto

Innteractivs, LLC.

Innteractivs, LLC is a full service internet-based design and development consulting company based in the U.S. Specializing in the development of multiple design solutions for: instructional design, web design, wordpress design, joomla design, learning management system UI and installation, and custom online training. In addition Innteractivs boasts a unique network of designers across the U.S. and abroad providing our clients the advantage of top quality expertise from design professionals around the globe.

Transforming your design ideas into reality.
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Our Creative Skills

Instructional Design
Web Design
CMS Design
LMS Installation/UI Configuration


Innteractivs, LLC was founded with an understanding of the challenges businesses faced with having good technical designers with poor client interfacing skills. Resulting in unsatisfied clients and poorly executed designs that lacked relevance and engagement. Which sparked a unique opportunity to develop strategies proven to make the two one in the same, hence our motto, “Great Relationships Produces Great Design”.
Building on our founding philosophy (see it above if you missed it), Innteractivs focuses on the client’s design needs. Guiding our clients through the creative design process to stimulate their inner creativity which helps to define their true vision and helps us align the technical tasks necessary to make their vision a design reality.
Poor design makes us sad! Our Passion for high quality design pushes us to create innovative ways to make designs interactive and engaging, bringing our clients along for the ride, achieving what we call ‘Design Harmony’ a coined term of ours.
Our name represents a creative twist of our two core design elements – Innovation and Interactivity, it just makes sense.
We believe in the golden rule, "do unto others as you will have them do unto you". Leading into our mission to create a successful design model that blends technical design expertise with an unparalled client experience. Hence our motto, "great relationships produces great designs". We care about our clients and often walk them through the creative process to cultivate what we like to call 'Design Harmony'.

5+ Client Industries Serviced
99+ Cups of Green Tea
15+ Years Experience

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Design Services For Your Budget

Innteractivs provides full service design solutions in one place to save you time with competitive pricing for your budget.

Instructional Design

ADDIE, Blooms, Research, Analysis, Curriculum Development, Intuitive Layouts, Interactions, Evaluation, Metrics, Learning Project Management, and Mobile Accessibility.

Web design & development

Unique Typography, Modern Minimalistic Design, Hover Effects, Product Videos/Samples, Responsive Mobile Elements, Compelling Graphics, and more.

CMS Design

Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Dynamic Typography Elements, Modern Design, Feature-esque Multimedia Capabilities, Multi-site, Multi-purpose, and Mobile Accessibility.


Learning Management System (LMS) -
Responsive Training Portal Website, TinCAn API or xAPI, SCORM, AICC, Custom Configurations, Branding, Seamless Mobile Accessibility, Role Creation, Custom Reporting, Multimedia Course Display, Single Sign-On, Cataloging, Multiple Delivery Types, and Payment Gateways.


Human Resource Information System (HRIS) - Responsive Job Board Website, SEO friendly and optimized, Jobs Listing, Online Applications, Multi-Language, Pre-Interview Questionnaires, Search & Browse, Recruiters Directory, Host Client Job Vacancies, Subscriptions, Credits, and more.

Custom Designs

Design Consultation, Planning, Project Management, Creative Mindmapping, Analysis, Needs/Gaps, Storyboards, Drafts, Custom Layout, Template Themes, Color Schemes, Responsive, and Interactive.

Responsive on all devices

What is responsive design?
Responsive Design is a coding technique used to develop web/online content that "responds" to (or compatible with) multiple devices that have access to the internet, wifi, or mifi such as: laptops, cell phones, and tablets. - Our Definition :-)

Innteractivs Responsive Designs
We've got you covered. Let our professionals develop your projects with responsive, intuitive, and user friendly designs.







Our Awesome Works

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LMS Design

InnterGroup LMS & Design Services Include...

  • Hosted on our Servers (saving you time, money, and team resources)
  • Simple Set-up (days not months)
  • Configuration - Your Servers
  • Branding & Design Customization
  • Role Administration/Set-up
  • Responsive / Mobile Accessible
  • Custom Reports
  • Free User Training Resources
  • Dedicated Support Options - And More!
  • *LMS Platforms: Saba, Cornerstone, WordPress CMS, Moodle, Blackboard, & Open Source


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HRIS Design

Human Resource Information System Design Includes...

  • Installation on our Servers (saving you time, money, and team resources)
  • Responsive Website Layout
  • SEO Friendly & Optimized
  • Job Listings
  • Online Application Submissions
  • Multi-language
  • Pre-screen Interview Questionnaires
  • Simplistic Layout
  • Recruiters Directory - And More!
  • *Hosting Options: Installed or Hosted.


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